Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eden - Limited edition "Duncan"

Taban do come up with some "weird" names, Duncan. Its for their new board game "Escape" but its only in French. Looks quite interesting as 52 page rules and background ("fluff") book. The resistance are trying to escape from the ISC underground shelter. Also its a magazine format so you only get cardboard pieces but you can replace with actual models if you want. I wonder if they will translate it into English?

Also some special faction rules for the "Resistance" for Eden , see web site for stats for new models.

Special rules

EDLC² batteries
Some fighters possess cybernetic limbs. These limbs are fed by a battery (EDLC2 type) that allows them to work. By drawing in the battery energetic ressources, they can temporarily increase the strength of the cybernetic limb... but the battery ressources are not inexhaustible.
When a fighter possess an «EDLC2 battery» equipment, its capacitance is represented by a number of blue circles. Each circle is named a «Battery Unit» (BU).
Each time a fighter spends a BU (to pay the cost of a special ability…), he must check it on his reference card. A fighter cannot trigger a game effect requiring BU if his battery does not have enough unchecked BU to pay its cost.
When a fighter gets 1 BU, he unchecks 1 BU on its reference card. If all his BU are unchecked he doesn’t get any BU.


All Robot fighters ignore the effects of the Fear condition.
When creating your troop, you cannot recruit more Robot fighters than Pilot fighters. At the beginning of the first round, just before choosing the first player, you must assign each robot allied fighter to an allied Pilot. A Pilot cannot be assigned more than one Robot. Each Robot is then Enslaved to its Pilot.
During the activation phase, a Robot fighter cannot be chosen to be activated or to interrupt an opponent fighter. It is automatically activated during the activation of the Pilot it is Enslaved to and you can perform the actions of both fighters in the order of your choice.
If the Robot is already activated (by another game effect or by lack of AP) when the fighter he is Enslaved to is activated he is not re-activated

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