Sunday, December 11, 2011

Malifaux - Avatar of Fate makes end game go to the Neverborn


Malifaux is a great game. I had a game today , lists were as follows

Neverborn Crew - 30 - Scrap

Zoraida, the Hag -- 7 Pool
+ Zoraida, Avatar of Fate [2ss]

Collodi [8ss]

Marionette [2ss] * 4

Bad Juju, Mire Golem [10ss]

Guild Crew - 30 - Scrap

C. Hoffman -- 4 Pool
Mechanical Attendant [3ss]

Peacekeeper [9ss]
Watcher [3ss]
Guardian [7ss]
Ryle, Guild Pawn [8ss]

Deployment was corners and shared strategy of "Deliver a message". 1 announced scheme was "Eye for an Eye" by neverborn player (me!) I also had "stake a claim" on the water tower and the guild had "assassinate" and "breakthrough". We do random schemes to make it harder as you always seem to choose the easy ones to do! Must be human nature ;-)

Collodi is pulling the string again! Zoraida is mixing up a brew , maybe to help summon her Avatar!

Turn One - Ryle takes off towards the corner where the Neverborn are deployed.

The PK is quick, and his little puppet Hofman is along for the ride, no wait Hofmann is a master controlling the PK. The Bad JuJu appears on the left flank and it looks like trouble for Ryle and the Guardian. The Mechanical Attendant was worried about getting connected to a voodoo doll but I was always planning to summon some wicked doll instead.

Turn Two - Collodi take off around the side heading towards the "stake a claim" scheme. I figure I'm going to get wasted by Ryle anyway so might as well run for it. But Bad JuJu engaged both Ryle and the guardian temporily stopped the range fire from Ryle making the "run for it" safe. Zoraida decided to move to have some support as I was worried about the PK charging in!

Turn Three: Bad JuJu went down and the Guardian and Ryle headed towards Collodi. Collodi started being more aggressive (I had actually read the card and decided the puppets looks ok in CB). There were just a nuisance but did enough to make shots harder and give the guild something to worry about. 

Turn Four: Things were looking bad for Collodi but he always knew that Bad Juju was coming to help soon. Meanwhile some wicked dolls were causing trouble. Zoraida had cast "Crystal Ball" twice to get 1 requirement for summoning her Avatar, next turn would be good! Hoffman retreats so the Bad Juju can't charge. Collodi didn't realize he could cast "Breathe Life" to give his doll extras such as (+1) Melee expert.

Turn 5: Hoffman comes back in with the PK and tried to take out Collodi, a puppet takes the blow and dies. Zoraida manifest into her Avatar of Fate and casts obey on Collodi, which also trigger masters of manipulation so she gets to cast Obey on same target again. Collodi casts disassemble on the PK with a CA total of 25 (use a soul stone) and Guild player had no control cards left - Pheff- PK was just a pile of scrap. Second attempt was on Hoffman but spell was unsuccessful. Avatar of Fate is a casting expert but I forgot about this. I might read her card after the game. I like how weapon has withering touch which ignores armor. I also like the empowered by fate action where she can discard a control card to either heal or draws cards i.e. medium = 2 cards. Cool.

Game over, Neverborn 3 vp's Guild 0 vp's.


Read cards before game!
Avatar seemed to make end game more fun (for me anyway)
Marionettes are vicious when working together, thats a lot of attacks especially if they can flurry.
Collodi is a good henchman and enhances Zoraidas and probably all of the Neverborn masters although for 16 points you could some pretty nasty stuff!

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