Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eden - New faction the "Resistance" assembled

I got the new faction assembled and mounted on the Taban 30mm bases plus one MA 40mm base. Easy to do apart from the robot, I had to grey stuff his legs and then super glue. I'm looking forward to painting these as the models are well defined and have nice poses. The demo paint jobs have very nice electrical effects (green glow) and I might try and do a blue glow instead.

After looking at the mounting of Aston again I might turn him around as it looks like he is leaning back (he is!)

The crew


Feral said...

They are lovely models aren't they?

I refuse to work on mine until my ISC starter is done!

B Manning said...

Hey Feral, yes they are great.I have some DA stuff to do first. Eden is a great game with great models.

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