Monday, December 26, 2011

Malifaux - Ramos crew gets a Mobile Toolkit and other scheming

I have used Ramos quite a few times but always struggled to get scrap and cast Contruct Spider. Its not his Casting ability (He is CA of 8 Tome) but more the fact that he needs another Tome with a value of 8+ to get the 16 Tome Tome requirements to cast the spell. So I brought a Mobile Toolkit. Nice little model with the ability to give a friendly model a +Tome to his Ca. Combined with his handy ability and the "Magical Extension" make this totem a compulsory selection.

To deal with the scrap issue, apart from a controlled detonation on a Steampunk Arachnid that you have already purchased, is a  need for another source of scrap. I think a Mechanical Rider would be a good option. It has good abilities and I would use her to get involved asap using nimble turns 1 and 2. If she dies then that is three scrap tokens to make some spiders and hopefully in a good central position as well. You could always do a controlled detonation but I would only if she had a few wounds left.

One possible list could be for a 30 SS Scrap

Ramos -- 3 Pool
+ Ramos, Avatar of Invention [2ss]
Mobile Toolkit [3ss]

Mechanical Rider [8ss]
2 * Steampunk Arachnid [6ss]
Steamborg Executioner [10ss]

Also ......   I've been thinking .....

With the release of the Avatars in book 3, I like the idea of having a Leviticus list with Riders. I already have a hooded rider (and planned mechanical rider) so would probably only need one more to have a cool list. Maybe a pale rider when it gets released. The idea is that you manifest the Avatar of Entropy, then cast "Bring forth a rider" sacrificing a SPA and using a SS (and maybe another one to boost spell as it is a 20 Mask). It would be a cheap rider costing only 2 SS.

Outcasts Crew - 30 - Scrap

Leveticus, Steampunk Necromancer -- 3 Pool
+ Leveticus, Avatar of Entropy [2ss]

Hooded Rider [8ss]
Mechanical Rider [8ss]
3 * Steampunk Abomination [9ss]

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