Thursday, December 29, 2011

Malifaux - Avatar of Insanity

I got Pandoras Avatar and my initial feeling was very mixed. Once I had mounted her on a base and started painting her I my thoughts were more "wow" what a stunning model. The tentacles that twist around her and her head back pose is fantastic. The only bit I didn't like was the "box opens" three snakes or something like that so I didn't attach it to the box. I would rather imagine the spirits or magic coming out of the box.

Model is resin and one piece of metal with Avatar, so no worries about her falling off. it comes with a resin base and the tentacles match the base holes for a good fit. You also get Candy which I think is a nice model as well. He they are based coated and inked. I just need to highlight and they are finished.

With original Pandora.

From a game perspective , I like her. You go from 8 to 10 wounds (plus Candy). Defense 2 to 4 but you can't move and are height 4! You get a 3" Tentacles of madness attack with 2/2/3 and a wretched gaze range 10 attack which uses cb->wp and ignores armor. Avatar can use Candys eye for range and LOS for casting spells such as Self destruction, Mass Hysteria and Hollows of Despair. Overall I think she will be fun to play but Manifest requirements might make it hard to bring the Avatar on until quite late in the game.

You also get Candy, the Petulant Youth with 6 wounds( or 8 if you already have pay for her) and defense of 7. She Increases the activation count if you wish(may activate simultaneously with Avatar) which is always good and her casting expert combined with unnerving presence means she will be high priority target for the opposition. The way the wounds work is any time Candy gets wounded the Avatar takes half (and visa versa)


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