Friday, December 30, 2011

Dark Age Apocalypse - First Game

I had my first game of DAA today. Using my Skarrd and Outcasts we had a small 380? point scrap. The mission was rolled on a D20 (mistake #1: each player can have there own mission, We are too used to shared missions in Malifaux) and we got a Annihilation. A good choice for our first game. (mistake #2: If you win deployment roll you can choose the other player to deploy a unit). I deployed first and then we were ready to go. The harpies were going to glide in and the scouts infiltrated into a central position but in cover. I had the Oucast with a Manhunter, Brute, Bully and 3 scuts and Mongo. My mate had a Golab, 2 Buzz Blades, a Warhead, 2 harpies and a Grafter. I am waiting on some 40mm bases to finish another 4 buzz blades and also need to finish 3 wasteland warriors.

Turn 1; We moved in closer, I had a shot with my Bully at the Golab. The manhunter had a range finding shot but missed. The modifies for range make a difference to your TN.

Turn 2; Skarrd player won initiative and forced Mongol to go first. He moved and kept 1 Ap on Hold. Golab changed direction and the Grafter moved in as well. The Manhunter had a shot at the Grafter and took a wound. He used aim (2AP) to counter the -ve range modifiers.

Turn 3; The Warhead moved and charged Mongo, but Mongo saved both hits! Lucky as the ED(2) on the chain halberd wound have caused 2 wounds each potentially killing Mongo. The Brute charged the Warhead trying to take advantage of the ganged up bonus and wounded the warhead twice. The Golab charged the Brute and did one hit damage. The scuts and the Bully fired on the Grafter doing damage and causing whiplash. The harpies arrived and wounded the Bully.When Mongo finally attacked he only caused one wound on the warhead.

Turn 4; Mongol was killed by the warhead but due to his Fortitude ability ,Mongol killed the warhead, then the grafter and then the golab effectively winning the game. Wow, the Uber block attacks are good causing 2 wounds each. The scuts took out the harpies to finish the game

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I rolled 4 critical hits and this made a big difference. The Skarrd have no ranged attack and they took some loses on the way into combat. I have ordered a leader for them to provide some more abilities. We didn't play the Morale rules and had no casting. We think scatter is using the rules from page 32 for scattering blast attacks otherwise the harpies would have scatter from 1 to 20 inches!

I will read the rules properly as I find I need a game to get me motivated and I will study the special rules etc. Very easy to play and it has a good feel to it. Will be playing this again soon....


Anonymous said...

How did the MALs affect your game, if any?

I loved Dark Age, but gave up as a tester and outcast after some issues. I gladly support the game when I can, though.

B Manning said...

I think I rolled a MAL on the manhunters gun. I managed to roll an armor save of 16-4 = 12. I didn't really realize that you could wound yourself. I suppose it make you think about when to take a shot or not.

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