Sunday, December 25, 2011

Malifaux - Ashes and Dust painted

I got my box set of the "Ashes and Dust" last week. I had reservation that the models would be very average but shouldn't have. Some more very nice models from Wyrd. The dust and Ashes and Dust are resin with the core and the front bit on the Ashes and Dust are metal. Good fun to paint up and I they make a good addition  to the Outcasts. In fact I think they are a must have if you want to use SPA's as they really do add to the crews tactics.

The "Dominate abomination" spell is very good and it help me win a game I had the other night. I cast it on a SPA twice and wounded Perdita. I never got the change to place a Desolation Engine but the spell works on one of these as well!

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