Saturday, December 24, 2011

Malifaux - Ashes and Dust

I had a scrap last night, 30ss with Perdita vs Leveticus, shared treasure hunt with diagonal deployment.
Camera out of power so no photos :-(

Perdita Ortega -- 3 SS Pool
Governor's Proxy [2ss]

Guild Austringer [5ss]
Watcher [3ss]
Nino Ortega [7ss]
3 Death Marshals [12ss]


Leveticus, Steampunk Necromancer -- 3 SS Pool

Ashes and Dust [13ss]
2 Steampunk Abominations [6ss]
Ryle, Guild Pawn [8ss]

Turn 1:

I won initiative and got the SPAs moving ;-) The can only take one walk a turn but they can keep pace with each other so it ends up they just move up in a bunch. They both used "Anomaly" so they could not be shot at. Ryle jumped forward and got into a covering position on my right flank. The Ashes and Dust contorted up about 9 inches to the SPAs and then moved and interacted with treasure counter on Turn one. Leveticus moved up and had a shot (range finder) at a Death Marshal. Leveticus didn't die but I had one good card in my hand ready for next turn (the Red Joker) so I planned to kill him at end on turn 2.  A good turn, I had the treasure token and would be able to move 3*4 inches next turn.

The Guild moved up Nino and cast "in my sights" on Ryle but to no avail. Perdita moved up and the Austringer and watcher tried some shot on the Ashes and Dust. Perdita tried to cast "obey"on Nino but it didn't work. You can only cast obey once per turn.

Turn 2:
Leveticus is a potent master if given a chance and the Guild player did just that. Leveticus cast Necrotic unmaking twice and created his first SPA of the game , about 5 inches away from the Austringer. He had 1 wound left and knew it would suffer from unstable Necromancy at start closing phase. I needed a redraw for next turn as I only had a 1,2 and 5 left ! Ryle didn't have to move and shot a Death Marshal using his trigger fully automatic and getting a severe damage twice! Two dead death marshals and the activation switching in my favor. The SPA and the Ashes and Dust were caught up in the middle with the treasure but getting shot. Nino took out the A&D the counter was dropped. Dust moved up in preparation for next turn.

The guild couldn't get any obey spells (You can only cast obey once per turn!) and a Death Marshall moved up a bit closer towards Ryle and had a shot. The Austringer took out a SPA. Perdita moved up and had a shot. The watcher had a shot.

Leveticus died in the closing phase and got a good draw of 13,12 and 11 plus some others.

Turn 3:

If I could get the counter over a wall I would have a clear run towards my deployment zone and victory. The Austringer took out Dust, bugger I mistimed that as meant I could not be drawn to the core. Ryle charged a Death marshall and killed him with a good blow from his hydraulic fist. The watcher moved into engage my SPA and stop the movement of the treasure. Perdita charged into the core and it tools some wounds. A SPA charged into the Austringer to try and stop the raptor strikes. Core dominated a SPA and caused 2 wounds on Perdita ! No control cards means you can't cheat fate which is what the situation was with the Guild player. SPA had his turn and caused 2 more wounds. Leveticus cast Necrotic unmaking on Perdita and caused 3 wounds.

End  closing phase and Perdita was affected by the Industrial Nightmare and lost her DF->12 duel ! (No control cards means you can't cheat fate) and was killed.

Victory to the Leveticus and his crew. We stopped as the Guild was on it last legs and I had a clear run plus my Master to get the treasure into my zone. Combined with Bodyguard and Assassinate I won.

The star of the game was

Took out 2 DM and controlled Perdita side of the board. He also produces 3 , yes 3 scrap counters for Leveticus to make some more SPAs

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i_was_like_you said...

Not bad at all. I just got Ashes and Dust for Christmas and am looking forward to using it for both my Levi and Nicodem crews.

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