Friday, January 6, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - Mongo

I have finished Mongo and what a beast he is! I went for a yellow skin tone and I think it worked out ok.

His stats are good, with attack group one having 2 uber blok attacks and the fortitude ability makes Mongo a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. In my first game mongo was "killed" but due to Fortitude he ended up killing 2 Skarrd when he was activated. The following rule snippets are cut from DA pdfs.

Units with this ability are not Removed from Play immediately upon Dying. Instead, Dying Units with Fortitude receive a Dying counter and remain on the Battlefield until: the end of their next activation, or take twice their original HP in Damage. While in this state, ignore all Dying rules on the affected Unit. Dying Units with this ability may continue to act normally, and other Units react to them normally, unlike other Dying Units. Abilities such as ‘Hang in there Boys’ which prevent Dying models from being removed after their Activation do not affect Units with this ability. 

Also note the ED(2) on each Uber Blok. This is nasty and as explained below causes 2 wounds not one. I think the best

Weapons with this Ability cause larger amounts of Damage than normal weapons. The number in parentheses after ED is the amount of HP lost to a successful attack. I.e. ED (2) = 2 HP lost due to a failed Armor save, ED (3) = 3 HP lost due to a failed Armor save and so on. 

He can also do a Shock wave, but during my first game I didn't have time to digest the rule so skipped it.

With a deafening roar Mongo slams his two Uber Bloks together. The impact of the massive strike spreads outwards and sweeps his foes before him or knocks them to their feet. Such is the intensity of the attack that Mongo must spend 1 AP before he is able to make any attacks after the competition of this attack. The AP he spends ends his activation whether he has AP to spend or not. All Units Friendly or Enemies are affected by the attack. Units two Unit sizes or smaller are automatically affected by Knocked Back (KB). Units One Unit Size or smaller are automatically Knocked Prone (KP). Units the same size or larger are not affected. Regardless of Unit size all Units in the Arc are affected by Stun.

Game Tip: I would print the special and weapons rules onto A5 for easy reference. They are in the big 350 page book and it's a handful when your playing a game. Its a shame these rules were not put into main rule book (they could have removed a few pictures to fit them in). Quickstart rules are here , special abilities are here and weapon rules are here

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