Sunday, January 29, 2012

Malifaux - Rebasing Ramos

I purchased the new "Avatar of Invention"for Ramos and 3 more steampunk arachnid and I had no bases. So I got some MA bases the "Ancients" and rebased my Ramos crew. It has made the models stand out more and I think it works. I will also use the MA bases for a Large arachnid and a Soulstone miner when they arrive.

I do like the new avatar models and think they have added to the Malifaux game. The manifestation of the avatar is in interesting change to the end game and for 2 SS they are really a must have. I have only had one game using an avatar, The Neverborn Avatar of Fate and it was a very enjoyable game. They definitely add a centre piece to your crew from a modeling perspective.

I wonder what is next for Wyrd, as it seems that Malifaux has had enough expansions and enough model to last for ever. Maybe a new faction ? Although I'm not sure what it could be themed on. Maybe a new miniature game using the fate card mechanic (I think its excellent) but with a different theme e.g. Sci Fi Malifaux?  Puppet wars doesn't interest me but a new miniature game would.


Sholto said...

Those bases are fantastic - great choice, and a striking colour scheme.

B Manning said...

cheers, I enjoy painting the bases as much as the models. I'm looking forward to trying out the new Avatar in a game soon.

Lord Shaper said...

Those are looking fantastic!

It's one of the crews I will get down the track... let me know how they go in game as well.

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