Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bushido - First game using starter set models

I had a game of Bushido today. Nice models but I only have quick start rules so it feels like something is missing. We played "catch the Yami" and it was a good mission with some luck thrown in re the direction the Yami could go. It was a D6 in a random direction. I had the "Cult of Yurei" and my Mate had "the Temple of Ro-Kan".

Its a bit like confrontation with attack and defense dice. It always seemed that I was putting all my dice into attack and my opponent was splitting but that probably is the way I play, very aggressively.  Overall it was pretty one side with the Temple getting a hiding.

We had a few problems with the rules for the marionette and not reading the spell for the "look into the void". Apparently the only way to counter the spell (apart from rolling high) is to look away by rotating your models 180 to face away. It was quite amusing to see the Temple of Ro-Kan all looking the other way. It made it hard for them to charge as you need LOS. It also meant they we getting caught from behind a lot when I charged. Also my marionette controlled a model and effectively took it out of the game and was threatening to do it again (with 6 Ki) but we thought is was all too easy (broken) and think we may be missing something.

Overall it was a fun game. So I would play again as it is very quick and only needs a small amount of terrain to cover a 3x3 foot board.

My painted models. The guy with the pipe comes with some weird looking ghost thing that sits on his back like a parrot would sit on your shoulder. I didn't use it as I don't like these sort of effects and I think made the mode look silly. I like the 3 dudes in the middle, They guy with the 2 swords is very nice.

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