Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Confrontation -

After having a game of Bushido the other day, I started thinking about Rackhams skirmish game "Confrontation". The rules I have are from 2006. It was the first skirmish game I had ever played and it got me hooked. It was such a fun game to play. The rules were easy to follow and the game flowed and was easy to manage. Each model has various stats including initiative, attack, defense, aim, fear, movement and discipline. If you were a mage you would have power and generate mana for spells. You could also have a faith and use it to generate miracles.

Confrontation introduced the idea (to me anyway) of combat dice and allocation of either in attack or defense. You would roll for initiative to determine who placed their dice first. You would put them on top side of the card for attack and bottom side of the card for defense. Any roll of 1 were failures and any 6's meant you got another dice to roll which could be a 6 and so on. You added up the total and added to the appropriate stat to see the result.

The factions were diverse and included "the Ways of the Light", "the Meanders of Darkness" and "the Paths of Destiny" which included an oriental inspired faction called the "Goblins of No-Dan-Kar" (the link the got me from Bushido to Confrontation).

Some examples of the No-Dan-Kar (not my pictures)

What a shame Rackham went under, it was such a awesome game. I might have to try and organize a game as I still have all my Confrontation models and the cards.( I'm a collector , not a hoarder...)


Cassarus said...

Aah, I loved Confrontation!
It was my first none GW skirmish game, and I feel deeply in love. Your rarely get to see so many great looking miniature in a single game, and I really thin Rackham made some of the best minis the world has seen yet.
I still have quite a few Conf crews, in my old boxes. Might need to pull them out and get a game for old times sake :)
Oh and if you happen to be sittion on a Mid-nor demon tower and are willing to part from it I would be a very happy camper :)


B Manning said...

I do have Mid-Nor but never got a demon tower. Mid-nor was my first C3 army and I still have it. I also loved using the Behemoth Orks and my Limbo of Acheron. I still have an unpainted cynwall elves and I only really got it to paint. Hmmm some more painting to do.

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