Monday, February 27, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - Bio Gen

Murtros has a RE(4) weapon. The RE(4) ability on the Kitache Staff provides the ability to CA even though not in BTB or reach past a BTB model to attack something else. Also if correctly judged means opposition has to move twice (if MV = 3) to reach BTB against Murtros and in the process wasting an AP. Finally it means that Murtros can move 12inches and reach 4inches for a total or 16inches which would make him one of the "quickest" models in the game to engage an enemy in CA.

REACH (RE)                   (from Errata)

Reach weapons represent large axes, long poles, whips or any weapon capable of a limited reach. This allows a Reach (RE) weapon to make Close Assault (CA) from a set distance as indicated by the Weapon Range, RE(x), where x = the number in inches you may attack from. Attacks with Reach (RE) follow the guidelines below:
- RE is a special CA attack that does not require the models being in base-to-base contact. As long as the RE(x) is in range, they can make such an attack. They do not get any charge bonus or benefit from or add to Gang Up bonuses. Units being attacked are not considered in CA with the attacking unit with reach, There is no need to Break Away from a Unit with RE if the enemy Unit chooses to move away.
- Certain Weapon Abilities (WA) do not work with RE(x) attacks, WA’s such as Knock Back, Knock Prone, and Pin only work if the attacking Unit is in base-to-base with an enemy Unit.
- RE Attacks, other than Brutal attacks, may be Parried.
- A RE attack may be used as a regular CA attack if the attacker is in base-to-base with an enemy Unit. 

Murtros has Bio-Gen(1) which means he can take a bio gen with slots(1). This ability adds tactical flexibility that allow Murtros to adapt to the current situation

Some of the possible options are , Acid Attack(1), Adrenaline(1), Goo(1), Improved regeneration(2), Leech(2), Phosphorus Gig(2), Symbiotic Implantation(1), Toxic Vapor(1) and Venom spray(1). 

Toxic vapor gives any unit in BTB +2DF and -2AS. Does not affect Environ Filters or  Does not affect any non living units. I think this is very good defensive option but means no room for Murtros to take another attacking option.

Venom Spray is a PW 3x3 Spray with a RF of 1 and a MAL of 19. Also has paralyzing Poison . Does not affect any non living unit. The other spray attack is an Acid Attack PW 2x3, RF of 1 and MAL of 19. Its obviously acid (Unit with an Acid counter resolves a PW 4 attack) with no restrictions.

Murtros needs depend on the mission objectives and according to the rules on page 17 you 1: Determine the size of the game, 2: determine the scenario and then 3: Select the units for play. So Murtros can select his Bio-Gen knowing what his objective is. 

Murtros had Toxic Vapor and it gave Murtros an advantage in the close assault . 

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