Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - Brood vs Forsaken

I had a 750 point game today. I think 750 may be too much until we learn rules but only had one game so hard to tell. The brood had to "converge" on the objective , I needed three units to get into btw contact. If I didn't have the infiltrating hounds it would have been impossible. Forsaken had to get 10 food markers from different objectives, the trick being if you died you lost the food already gathered.

Fun game, but it dragged on a bit. Rule queries seemed to happen every few activations and it really slowed game down.

Weird things that happened.

St Mary's nail gun MALed and shot the war wind! Who's side is she on?
I didn't take Toxic fumes or Venom spray but took Adrenaline instead! How could that happen?
St Mary knocked the Howler prone! How could that happen?
Brood hounds are hard to kill!
Prone models doing a side step! How could that happen? See DA forum for response
Medic panicking and running towards friendly models but not enough to get hit and then healing them?

Oh well, the Brood achieved the objective and stopped the Forsaken getting 10 food counters.

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