Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - Club day

I popped up to the local gaming club (OMTS) for a game of DAA. I used my Brood (Hybrid) and played Forsaken St Luke  and the other game was Forsaken St Mary vs Dragyri Air Caste.

Here are some shots, I think the Brood and Air Caste won. Its good to see DAA being played and hopefully it might interest a few more locals to have a go. Everybody was smiling and finding the rules easy to manage and making sense. Have a read of this bat report from the St Mary game.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all of these DAA posts! This is going to be the next game we get into (well, 2 of us anyway, and I'm sure we can convince some more). It looks great, and every time you post about it my interest increases.

B Manning said...

I brought the DAA stuff originally because I wanted some models to paint. I then read the rules and thought its what I would write if i was a game designer. Very logical and well thought out. You won't regret having a game or two :-) Don't forget about Eden from Taban, thats a great little game and the models are superb.

Cheers Bruce

B Manning said...

BTW ten4 , are the GameCraft Miniatures western building you got any good. They look ok?

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