Monday, February 20, 2012

Dark Age - Toxic Cult

I got some additions to my Toxic Cult to get it unto 750 points which appears to be what we are using for out games. I needed a Kaustic to lead my Buzzblades and provide some support. I got a Hoodoo to create fear and provide some more Psychogenic abilities. I especially like "the unclean's stigma" which gives a unit "lack of support" or -2TN. Finally I got two Toxic Mistresses but I think they are just too small. Oh well I can still use them and I'm sure the toxic sprayer will come in handy.

It goes from left to right , Hoodoo, Kaustic the toxic Mistress * 2.

The Hoodoo is an interesting model. Here is his stat card with very good defense and the very handy "Elusive" ability (its doubles all range mods so a -2 for 8" becomes -4). The invoker ability means he can cast one Psychogenic per turn.

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