Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - temple game board

I had some of Hirst Arts temple plaster pieces made up but never had a whole boards worth. I need a 4x4 foot board for DAA, due to having more models on the table. A 3x3 seems a bit small. So I made up a few more pieces and quickly sprayed and dry brushed them up. Its starting to come together and I just need to make it more consistent for all of the pieces.

I have also just finished casting another 6 * temple moulds worth of pieces for some more. I want it cluttered with lots of small pieces , perhaps what you would see at a ruined temple. I used 5mm mdf cut with a 45 degree angle , middle piece is on 8mm I think and it a bit heavier. I try and make my terrain playable first and then look nice second.

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