Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dystopian Wars version 1.1

I just picked up version 1.1 of rules and initial thoughts are its a vast improvement. I think its mainly due to having two new authors Glover and Walpole. Version one was written by Padfield and Fawcett and its obviously the base for the new version but its written in a completely different style. The graphics have also been updated , lots of new pictures of all the latest models and some fantastic artwork. The double page art of the airship is stunning.

The order of the book has been changed significantly and this is for the better. Its seems to follow a more logical order. The stats at the back of the book are all updated and this was the main reason (before I read it) for purchasing the new version. I know you can download stats but I prefer to have them in one easy to access place.

Also the tokens have been updated with cool new symbols and hopefully they will be downloadable soon.

The disappointing omission is there is not a chapter for scenarios or mission etc. Most rules books have standard mission DA has 20, Malifaux has 24 and Eden has lots (I have never counted them). I know there is a small section on field orders but this does not really cut the mustards. Its a shame as they have gone to the effort to add the field orders like its almost an afterthought. 

I'm not going to go into a detailed reveiw as thats not my style but I would recommend getting the new book and its 25% off at the moment although not sure for how long.

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