Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kingdom of Britannia - Version 1.1

Well , for those of you who did not know, I actually have a DW fleet and air force. I have had the models for a while and it was one of those "wow the models are awesome" purchases but then finding out that the rules were very, very average. In fact I thought that the rules were almost unplayable especially the tiny flyer rules. With version 1.1 recently release I have decided to give this another look. The tiny flyer rules have been rewritten and with numerous updates to the stat cards ( I think KoB had about 8 updates!) and streamlined play I think it is looking better. Good on Spartan for changing the rules that didn't work and trying to balance the models by tweaking the stat cards. I play Uncharted Seas and always have really enjoyed it.

So to help motivate me to get my fleet and air force spruced up and ship shape here are my current models.

Here are some that need some major work 8-/

Finally , Here is one of the new air force models which I think is very nice.

And the model that never worked for me i.e. looked like it was cobbled together , Hey Spartan , time to re release this please....

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