Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eden - Tactical Phase

The skirmish game Eden uses tactical cards to add variety and uncertainty into the game play. There are a number of generic tactical cards and also faction specific tactical cards available for players to choose. The number of cards each player can select is based on the PSI of the troop leader. The ISC tend to have very high PSI e.g. Grey Daimyo has a PSI of 8, the convoy average e.g. Luther has a PSI of 6, Bamaka average e.g. Sigwana has a PSI of 5 and the Joker bad e.g. Vladd has a PSI of 3. The new Resistance faction is under average with Alice having a PSI of 4.

So each player choose cards based on the PSI e.g. Resistance leader is Alice with PSI = 4 so player could chose 4 cards. If you get your cards mixed up use the card id shown on the bottom left e.g. Resistance shows "RES-T01". The cards can be downloaded from Tabans website and when you purchase a starter box you get the tactical cards (and mission cards).  Tactical cards have the symbol as shown below top left.

One interesting points is that a game of Eden is 5 turns but if you are playing the Jokers you only get three cards and need to choose wisely when you will play them. The ISC player if they had the Grey Daimyo could select 8 cards and this provides more tactical options. cool.

Resistance tactical cards are Pirate Protocol, Backup power supply, Cybernetic overload and Atmospheric analysis.

Lets have a look at a card. 'Pirate Protocol". "Choose an allied Robot Fighter. It can be activated independently from the fighter it is enslaved to". So you pay 2 SP (strategy points) to use the card and follow the text. Sometimes the translation from French is not the easiest to understand but it hasn't been an issue for me.

Tactical cards provide extra options to each faction that enhance the game play. The artwork is cool and due to each faction having a different size tactical hand and different cards  to choose from it provides many options and stops the games from becoming the same each time. 

Lets have a look at one more, one of my favorite ones. 



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