Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lilith vs Nico - Battle report

I had painted up Nekima but had never used her in a game so when the Neverborn were chosen to take on the Ressies , I could see it being her day. Mission was a shared turf war.  I got grudge (on the punk zombie) and exterminate ( I chose to exterminate the constructs) . We randomise the schemes otherwise you would the the easy ones every time and it would get boring. My opponent got breakthrough and a secret scheme....

Crews were Lilith, Nekima, young nephimim, 3 terror tots and the worm. Ressies had Nico, grave spirit, Bette, 3 necro punks, 3 dogs and a punk zombie. Deployment was 6" standard.

Turn one:

Pretty much a movement turn, with the exception being Lilith getting some blood from 2 Soul Stones and the a Terror to growing into a young nep. The +4 and mask from Nekima helped with this and the cast was pretty straight forward. The necro punks were on the flanks and the dogs and neverborn went up the middle toward the ruined mansion. The newly matured young nep covered the 2 necropunks of the right hand side.

Turn two

This turn was all about the dogs providing the necessities to grow tiny tots into monsters. Nekima munched 2 dogs and got blood enough to grow a mature nep .

The rest of the turn was essentially, a young nep dive charged Neco and then Lilith got into combat with Nico as well and it was all over.Well almost. He was sitting there looking lonely so I thought lets give him the old 1-2 ;-) The grave guardian was not linked to Nico and he only had 5 wounds left.

Turn three:

Guess who got initiative ! The Neverborn did and Lilith finished of Nico before he could say "Braaaaaiiinnnnsss". He was split in half with a massive great sword strike. Game over...Well the Ressie player called it so it was a crushing victory to the Neverborn.


A crushing victory to Lilith and her princess. Nico was dealt a harsh lesson in tactics today and if he leaves himself unprotected then he had better get ready for pain. Not linking the grave spirit and not retrieving the corpse counters to provide a zombie shield were the big mistakes. Also the dogs were just blood for the Neverborn so it was crazy to send them into the fray, especially vs Nekima. If I was the ressie player I would concentrate on playing the objectives and would have tried to force the Neverborn to spread out so Nekima auras were out of range etc. ? ? Not sure just my 2 cents.

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