Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - Buzzblades

I'm trying to get some models 'painted' for a game this weekend. Here are some Buzzblades on MA bases. I tried to use a red skin tone and muted colors. One thing I have been struggling with is the different sizes of the DA models. The outcasts are a lot smaller than the Skarrd , I'm sure there is fluff to justify this but the model still look a tad big.

Stats are as shown. They have good defense for a 25 point model and combined with the  Cannibal special ability makes for a effective defense of 3.

This Unit is known not only for their ferocity, they are also known to bite and rend at their opponents during combat. To this effect any non- Skarrd unit suffers -1 TN to their AS when in CA with this Unit. Non-Living Units and Units with Never Fear are immune to this effect. 

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