Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - Second game

Wow, DAA is a great game. You have got to enjoy rolling a critical hit and scything up your opponent in close assault.

I had my second game today of DAA. It was 500 odd points of Outcasts vs Skarrd. I used the Skarrd today and my objective was "Pilgrimage" and the Outcast had 'Pariah". We both deployed and placed the objectives and then got into it!

We didn't use the moral the first time we played and also had no casting. I was using a Toxic cult so I had a few psychogenics I could use. We also had a proper commander for eat side, I had Father Curwen and the Outcasts had Hoj.

Mistake number 1: I didn't take a Grafter to help with any  malfunctions via the 'Superior Maintenance" ability.

Turn one: I lost initiative and was forced to move the warhead first. The objective I was trying to reach was on the left hand side behind the ruined building, almost on the board edge. The Buzzblades went up the middle towards the Wasteland warriors. The outcast moved up to try and protect the objective.

Turn two: Another lost initiative roll and the Skarrd just moved forward towards the objective. The Harpies arrived and vaulted onto the Scuts who had infiltrated onto the objective to try and stop me from getting it. I had to be in BtB for 3 turns. It was 1 for 1 in the close assault between the harpies and the scuts with the scuts rolling well. Curwen move up and cast 'Poisons promise" on the harpies as they were going to die. This spell makes them go bang and splatter poison on models within 3 inches. The Buzzblades moved forward a little more. Some wayward shots from the Wasteland warriors showed the it was getting close. 

Turn 3: and the last Harpie was waiting to die. The Golab changes direction and darts around the right hand side of the building hiding behind an objective. The Golab is taken down by the Wasteland warriors in a brutal close assault, The critical hit didn't help! The buzz blades moved toward the objective and the warhead charged in trying to take out the bully with his reach weapon. He malfunctioned and wounded himself. Mongo charged in and took out the Warhead.Curwen charged into ward the objective as he was the highest AO model and made BtB

Turn 4:
The buzz blades charged Mongo after he had tried to take out the Father. Father Curwen made 4 armor saves (needing 12's I think) and his awesome defense of 2 really helped. Curwen attacked and caused three wounds, one from the toxic fumes. The buzz blades managed to get a wound on Mongo and take him out and it was looking tight for next turn. I really needed to win an initiative roll off.

Turn 5: Yeah I won initiative and Buzzblades were going to get  stuck into the bully but he failed a panic test and ran off and he  and Curwen stayed locked on the objective to get 3 turns in BTB.

We had to finish and it was a draw with both of us completing our objectives. The manhunter was still alive for the outcasts.

Heaps better with all rules being used. Overall its a great game and I am looking forward to having some more games. We have some local players getting the Forsaken * 2 (Luke and Mary) the Dragyri (Air caste) and the Brood (hybrids I think). Cool.  

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