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History: 29th April 2012 - Added horde links to cards etc

Tabans Eden is one of the best skirmish games out there the moment. Taban is a French base company and some of the more detailed background (Fluff) is only in French. Here is my attempt at putting it all together in one place. I will try and add to this as more information becomes available.


Welcome to a barren planet, swept by the icy winds of a never ending winter and littered by the ashes and blood of men.  Welcome among its children hidding to escape the barbaric hordes of the survivors. Eden proposes two players to take control of these groups struggling for survival and fight each other in a game of skirmishes. Welcome to your new paradise, the new ... Eden ! After the Apocalypse many groups are fighting just to breathe the foul air a few more hours.


Return to nature and tribal simplicity has won the only humans who survived the surface during these years of destruction. Unfortunate products of pre-war genetic experiments to create super soldiers, the Bamakas tribe consists of mutants who willingly reject their humanity

More background story 

50 Sabaka, 50 points, do I need to explain :-)
30 Ngwane, great fighter, highest CBT stat.
30 Tarar, good fighter with great abilities
30 Sekongo, great support and leader but weak.
25 Sigujana, great support but weak.
25 Ngobo, can appear in the opponent's back and assassinate the right guy.
25 Ngosi, great move potential, high SPD, great harrier (not sure if the word is right).
25 Ekevu, multipurpose.
25 Tukwila, good fighter. + Ancient artifacts MC
20 Gwala & Amagudu, great leader with good abilities.
20 Dhambizao, good support.
20 Abama, very hard to kill.
20 Jumamosi, lowers the opponents stats, makes poison hurt more, etc.
20 Mbonga, good shooter who can also appear in the back.
15 Zaafarani, healer.
15 Jendayi, fighter, hard to catch. + Funerals MC (Bamaka only)
15 Bak, play him with Dacke and the two can be really hard to catch and kill. + Below the belt blow TC
10 Dacke, see above.
10 Folayan, multipurpose shooter.


As emerging from a silent trancethe Grey Daimyo slowly raised his head and turned to the two optical drones who stood facing himFor several seconds nothing happenedthe trio of steel is not the slightest gesture sketchingFinally, obeying asilent order, the Green and Black mamushi Kunoichi turned and set off, leavingonly their controller.
The Daimyo watched them a moment and then took the path of the mountainThe new protocols had been programmedthe will of the Heavenly Order is made​​.

(Color code : Grey = Support/Leader ; Yellow = Hindrance/Leader ; Blue = Rock-solid ;
Carmin = Fighter ; Black = Assassin ; Green = Scout)
40 Carmin Hadakauma, great fighter, high movement.
40 Grey Shogun, part support, part fighter, good leader.
40 Blue Kami, extremely hard to kill and able to break through scenery.
35 Grey Daymio, good support which can give one AP to other drones
35 Grey Kitsune, good fighter with great Tactical cards-related abilities
35 Yellow Komuso, able to put Fear markers and make fighters around it lose AP. + Retreat TC
35 Carmin Ronin, great fighter.
30 Black Kunoichi, shooter with highest SPD and great move potential.
30 Green Mamushi, sneak behind enemy lines and strangle them. + Intimidation TC
30 Carmin Samurai, good fighter with various abilities
30 Serial Shenron, weak at the beginning, but can enhance his stat during game. Multipurpose.
30 Blue Rikishi, hard to kill and able to push back fighters.
25 Black Ubume, low PSI killer and high SPD
25 Green Konchu, can block fighters very efficiently
25 Blue Ashigaru, makes dodging easier to allied drones and itself.
10 Yellow Gaki, can lower PSI stat (good with Ubume and/or Komuso)
and prevent multiple actions. + Excavations MC (ISC only)
10 Green Tonbo, hard to catch and great move potential, but cannot do Missions.


Rejecting any form of political authority, gangs formed out of the shelters. For them the order and society are meaningless and only the strong shall survive. The drugged and demented Clowns of the Jokers Gang led by brothers Yuri and arsonists Vlädd, sow terror in the land of Eden by "representations" most often concluded in the blood of the spectators.

35 Vladd, toughest fighter
25 Yuri, great shooter and leader
25 Grigory, hard to kill, great abilities
25 Yorg, hard to kill and great fighter
25 Kirril, best leader, great abilities but weak.
20 Vassiliev, good leader, great move potential. + Main target TC
20 Bogdana, multipurpose shooter. + Territory MC (Jokers only)
20 Ievgeni, gets tougher when hurt.
20 Olya, weakens fighters around, good with Ievgeni.
20 Nicolaï, great shooter with explosive rounds.
20 Mikaïl, multipurpose, can copy abilities.
15 Mishka, hard to kill. Minion. + DGIN gun turrets MC
15 Grusha + 5 Fifi (cannot play Fifi without Grusha), good support for minions.
15 Irina, good shooter, great with Kirril.
15 Sergueï, support and Burn markers.
10 Anton, fighter.
10 Elenia, shooter.
10 Stipan, make the opponent reroll, great !


(Green = Tracker, Orange = Conveyor, Black = Guardian)
30 Heinrich (old*), good leader and fighter, great abilities. + Long-life serum TC
30 Otto, great fighter.
25 Friedrich, good fighter.
25 Erhard, good fighter, healer.
25 Luther, great leader with great abilities.
25 Mark, great shooter.
20 Angela, good leader, gets angry when allies die.
20 Heinrich (young*), good fighter.
20 Frantz, good shooter.
15 Georg, good fighter.
15 Jeremias, good shooter.
10 Leo, cannot do missions, but good harrier.
10 Gretchen + 5 Louie, (cannot play Louie without Gretchen), good support for minions.
* you can only play one version of Heinrich in a given team (blister contains everything)


30 Ashton, great fighter
25 Courteney, multipurpose shooter
25 Chelsea, good fighter
20 great leader, good support
15 Freedom°, great move potential, good abilities
10 Jimmy, Pilot (compulsory to play Robot°), good support for Robot, weak


For The Matriarchy of Sybille, technology and misinterpretation of religion by men are the source of all evils. In the depths, this group of women has forged its own syncretism based on 4 orders Directors, each one following a Horsemen Of The Apocalypse precepts. The sisters and paladines now return to the surface with their slavish troops to extend their influence and ensure that no more male will ever plunge the world into chaos.

The Hord


Head up, he stared at the starry mantle with his empty eye sockets. The moon was full, and its pale light bathed the clearing where the shadow of the dead trees drew long sharp lines. He was standing on a rock in the middle of nowhere, arms outstretched, praying some dark and evil deities. Three lycals rested at his feet.

Two humanoids slowly and carefully searched the clearing. The precise movements of their rotting bodies were atrocious. Shreds of skin hanging down, revealing here and there pieces of bloody flesh.
Lying on the ground, the young man watched them. He dared not to move, not even to blink. Fear paralyzed him. Within the convoy, he had heard that rumor :beings able to impose their will upon the degenerate creatures from the ancient world. But so far it seemed to be a bedtime-story made to scare children and haunt their sleep. Now the nightmare was real.
The Being turned on the rock. His blind eyes came to rest where lurked the conveyor. Immediately, the other creatures raised their heads. They stood up and began to move toward the intruder.
The young man knew he had to flee. But overcame with fear, his body refused to obey. It took him a superhuman effort to get up.
A cracking behind him.
He turned and saw a silhouette cut against the moonlight. It came forward, revealing an expressionless face. Cold and determined.
He was trapped.

Cards can be found here 

see Taban forum for more info

New rules
Frenzy tokens (symbol : ☬)
Each time an opponent fighter is removed from the field because of wounds caused by an allied fighter, you gain ☬.
If the value of the removed fighter is higher than or equal to 25, you gain ☬☬ instead.
If the value of the removed fighter is higher than or equal to 40, you gain ☬☬☬ instead.
The token(s) are placed on the card of the nearest allied Dominant fighter, within 20cm of the location of the removed fighter.
- An allied fighter can only use his Savagery special ability if he is within 20cm of an allied Dominant fighter unless he is himself of Dominant type.
- When an allied fighter uses his Savagery special ability, the tokens he spends are withdrawn from a Dominant allied fighter (or his own card if he is of Dominant type) within 20cm.
- The Savagery special ability is usually composed of multiple sub-effects, each one with a ☬ activation cost. Each sub-effect can only be used once a round.
When you create your troop of Horde faction, you have to recruit at least one Dominant fighter. Moreover, you troop leader must be of Dominant type.
When a Dominant fighter is removed from the filed, all ☬ tokens placed on his card are lost unless they are immediately spend.

Brood Master (Mutant, Dominant, 25 points) (30 mm) - HOR-001
PSI - 3/2 - ◯◯◯◯ - 1
CBT - 5/3 - ◯◯◯◯ - 2,3
VIG - 4/3 - ◯◯◯◯ - 4,5
SPD - 5/4 - ◯◯◯◯ - 6
No equipment.
Mind control (perm)
At the beginning of the intendancy phase, place ☬☬ on the Brood Master card.
Improvisation (Action, 1/match)
During the activation phase of this round, your opponent cannot pass the hand.
Wild scream (action) (☬, 1/match)
All opponent fighters within 7.5cm from the Brood Master perform a PSI roll with a difficulty level of 5. Those who fail to pass this test receive a Fear marker.
Synchronization (action) (3SP, 1/match)
Just after the Brood Master’s activation, immediately activate (in the order you choose) all allied fighters of Degenerate type. Your opponent cannot interrupt the activation of these fighters.

Beastmaster (Mutant, Dominant, Tamer, 20 points) (30 mm) - HOR-002
PSI - 4/3 - ◯◯◯◯ - 1
CBT - 4/3 - ◯◯◯◯◯ - 2,3
VIG - 4/3 - ◯◯◯◯◯ - 4,5
SPD - 6/4 - ◯◯◯◯ - 6
No equipment.
Mind control (perm)
At the beginning of the intendancy phase, place ☬☬ on the Beastmaster card.
Trainer (action) (☬, 1/round)
Designate an allied fighter of the Minion type, which is not activated yet and is located 15 cm or less far from the Beastmaster. Choose one of the following:
- This fighter performs immediately a free action of your choice. Nevertheless, he is not considered as having been activated and the action he performs must respect all its inherent restrictions.
- Remove a Fear marker or a Rage marker from this allied fighter.
Enragement (action) (☬☬, 1/round)
An allied fighter within 10cm from the Beastmaster gains a rage mark

The scavengers (Horde)
Revealed mission - Ambush deploiment
When an opponent fighter is incapacitated, replace him with a Dead Body marker, the size of his base. All allied fighters get the following special ability:
Devouring (action) (1 AP, 1/round)
If the fighter is free and in contact with a Dead Body marker, he gains Hunger marker.
At the end of the match, each allied fighter still on the gaming field earns you VP equal to his value multiplied by the number of Hunger markers he has.
Reminder: Any number multiplied by zero gives zero.
Unexpected (Horde)
Revealed mission - Ambush deploiment
You cannot play this mission if your opponent chooses his mission card before you.
After having chosen this mission, your opponent must choose a Revealed mission. Your opponent plays the end of the Preparation phase as usual. At the beginning of the first round, your mission is then equivalent to your opponent’s.
Tactical cards
Blood lust
Place ☬☬ on the card of an allied Dominant fighter.
Shared ferocity
Transfer as much ☬ as you wish from one allied Dominant fighter card to another allied Dominant fighter card.

see Taban forum for more info


A NPF is a fighter who has his own motivations and cannot be recruited by the players for their bands 



Lying on his bed, Ivan was not asleep. Soaked with sweat, his eyes Wave made by a sleepless night, he fixed the ceiling of the slums feverishly. Still, wandering somnolence flirting with the discomfort, he waited.This was the hours he patiently and, dripping and thoughtful. He was worried. The dry season had barely begun and already the solar star struck the mountains peeled of its burning rays. The day the air was almost unbreathable, burning, biting, choking, not allowing the slightest physical effort at the cost of dizziness and nausea. At night the temperature dropped away. In any case, not enough to cool off, let alone give you any rest. He was exhausted.Yet in a few hours, it would go. Braving the morning heat, cover several kilometers and return to the village before the sun is high in the sky. The same ritual from a moon. The same search routine and yet so vital: fetching water.
The ancients had established the village in the heart of a huge carcass lying at the foot of the mountain. They had built inside the belly of the monster of steel, the first of what would constitute barracks, later, the heart of the hamlet. The installation did not take more than a few months and, once completed, they named their new home a strange term written in letters of blood on the old cabin: Antonov.Although angel, this shelter was one of the reasons that led their ancestors to settle here. The real reason was actually hidden behind the huge tubular steel. There, hidden somewhere in the mountain side, was a source, a source of drinking water.A real treasure.
With these special rates, the village had grown and prospered. A generation had chased another, then another, and so on. The source continued to flow and, in its flood, inundating this small piece of peeled mountains of life become so rare. Yet while always courageous, she was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of men and animals and people had to adapt. Thus they sought new water points and luckily found two other, smaller but adequate.Tradition has it that women who have made these discoveries and since then it is their responsibility to go and fetch water. A kind of sacred trust reserved for them.Yet all this had changed since the moon about, since the day the sisters Volkova, Lena and Yulia, had discovered traces of strange and disturbing, like those of a gigantic snake.And so Ivan had been entrusted with the heavy responsibility of escorting the women carrying water.
To tell the truth, it was voluntary. "A man loving a woman is sometimes willing to many follies to approximate it covets his heart," had launched a former on the eve of his first start. At the time, dressed in his armor of chitin, armed with his spear and draped his pride, he shrugged and ignored the mockery. Yet the old man was only too right.After one week, Ivan abandoned his armor, too heavy, too bulky, too suffocating.After two, he gave up his pride after the women had to have him back after a loss of consciousness. After a month, he only had his spear and gave him the courage that the proximity of the beautiful Yulia. And this morning, it was she who gave him the strength to rise.
The first rays of sun pointing just behind the tops when the small group set off. The water bearers were three in number. The young and bubbly Alexa led the procession, followed by Lena, the eldest sister Volkova. Finally, ensuring the rear, you could find Yulia accompanied by Ivan.Every morning, young women were in good spirits, joking, chatting, telling stories learned the day before. Ivan meanwhile had no heart to it and remained hopelessly mute, responding only by grunts and nods. He resented and feared the heat of the heat wave back.After one hour, the little band arrived at last to the first source. It was actually a small bowl, beneath a rocky and filled daily by a trickle of water. True to its mission, Ivan was the first to come forward. Clutching his spear, he approached cautiously, watching for the slightest danger. Sweeping view of the place, he noticed the traces of some small animals. Nothing alarming. Reassured, he beckoned to young women who came forward in turn. Kneeling cautiously around the spring, they began to fill their containers.It was the moment that Ivan feared most. One where they were most vulnerable, when its three protected backs to the danger and that everything depended on his shoulders. On the shoulders of a man exhausted and fainting ... Suddenly, Ivan felt a pressure on his shoulder and started. For just a moment, his breath was cut off and it seemed that his heart had stopped beating. He turned face. Yulia greeted with a smile: "We can go there. "He had to get its act together.
The sun was now high in the sky and the temperature was increased. The conversations had stopped and everyone was saving his strength. Step by step, minute by minute, they approached their final stage. Insidiously, unease grows.Ivan opened now on, it was stressed. In a thin interval, where they would join the sisters had seen the tracks for the first time, and where he himself had been able to observe. Although they never crossed the creature who was the original, they feared the event all four of such a meeting. Ivan wondered if he would live up to, if not fulfill its task to the end.Arrived within two hundred yards, they made a halt. Without a word, Ivan broke the rest of the group and it is with in fear that he endeavored to reach the water point.His legs carried him to a quivering heap first rock against which he leaned. Deep breath as he tried to calm the turmoil that shook his body. In vain. Panic seized him. Slowly, he slid along the stone and curled in on itself, as if to disappear.Acting as a powerful poison, terror paralyzed her body and poisoned his mind. At this point, he took the full force of his will not to run away screaming. Powerful in its last reserves, he found the strength to leave.It was only a few yards when he finally dared to risk a glance across the table that secured him the rocks. All his senses alert, he was ready. The second is égrainèrent but nothing happened. A sigh of relief, he broke his silence and called his comrades. It was better not to drag.
Once the jars were full, the small group left. Despite the grueling heat and transport load, was not now faster and more secure. The four companions had indeed one desire: to return the protective and soothing shade of Antonov.Lena was the first to break the silence and everyone relaxed a little. Ivan even ventured to the joke. Without much success, but the heart was there. After half an hour, they paused to drink and get some rest. Yulia came and sat next to his patron, and they discussed a few moments. They exchanged small talk with no real interest yet devoured every word. This is Alexa who sounded the recall and they resumed their journey.They were only a mile when they saw them. Columns of black smoke, like pythons vaporous obscure, darkened the sky. The village was on fire. Ivan ordered the water bearers to hide and, forgetting all fatigue, ran to save his home.


Their villages encircled with walls, the settlers live in terror of the gangers. These bands are unpredictable. They have no home, they do not sow anything except the seeds of desolation. They draw their strength from the dark night of the origins of humanity, when there were no taboos, no kingdoms, that fire was a ravenous demon as much as a mystery, and a dominant male was required by violence and led his horde against wild animals, other tribes and the rest of the world. The origins of gangers are multiples. They may be survivors of a destroyed village, returning to barbarism to survive. This may also bandits who ambush along roads to bitumen smashed. Or of savage tribes whose origin is lost in the fires of the Apocalypse and perpetuate the horror as an art form. Stories are told of the terrible gangers. Rape, torture, cannibalism. They are quite accurate.Cannibalism became a common practice in the years following the Cataclysm.Outside of stocks increasingly scarce food in cans, it was often the only way to obtain protein, and even to survive after an infinite time to spend wandering with nothing not even feel hunger. The loser gets eaten by the winner. Since, fauna, and certainly aggressive mutant, has recolonised the desert of ashes, and livestock and crops have restarted in scattered oases, but even so, cannibalism continues to haunt the survivors. Most of the myths of this new world speak one way or another. When the Cataclysm was killed, humanity has not dropped a notch, as if it was put past the Industrial Age to the Renaissance or the Middle Ages. She fell at the bottom. The same men and women who led before the destruction of lives comfortable and quiet, do not put more than a few months to become butchers. Dirty creatures, thin, eyes sunken. Early on, the bands were distinguished by signs: tattoos, scarification, or choosing a color or a totem.Atavism probably, when he left the company as the core of the tribe on.Does this mean that the phenomenon of gangers back to Cataclysm? Not exactly.Degeneration in the world that preceded the tongues of fire was already under the gangers, albeit in a substantially different form.Mocking nihilism exhibited by gangers probably dates to the wild bands who competed in the megacities of decaying neighborhoods, for stories of drug trafficking or just by animal territoriality. Ruthless, brutal and cunning, subject only to the fittest, this new era could only reach out to gangers. When in the early years survival conditions operated a nightmarish sort through those that had emerged from shelters, to gangers came out better than others, and being over-represented among the survivors, they had the opportunity to re-form bands, including other survivors as bad as they or capturing slaves. Women who followed gave them children, and although many of them died in infancy or were treated little better than cute, they passed their gangers codes and symbols. Number of bands, like the knackers, the Red Blades or the Sons of the Serpent may have an origin dating back to the period before the Cataclysm.Long before being reduced to the status of a sea of ​​rubble inhabited by furtive silhouettes, Bucharest was a city already morbid. She had inherited from the communist era of ever finished a huge palace, surrounded by a cluster of concrete blocks at the edge of inhumane collapse. Packs of wild dogs attacked passers isolated. The new business district, block vertical glass and light, everything was a strange end of Eden into hell. Bands of different neighborhoods often went there to compete. Ridiculous barbarism at the foot of the colossal familiarly heaven. Bands Bucharest, born of poverty and chaos, fleeing gray cancerous, cherished outfit the most grotesque and colorful, the most garish makeup. The big-band Doru had teeth cut into wedges and wore top hat and tails above overalls cut at the knees.She fought with bats and knives butterfly studded, and with a harpoon recovered on a Japanese whaling vessel sailing on the case and handled by the big Doru itself.His great rival was none other than the Cutters Zabrauti, Roma addicted to speed that fardaient white, boasted of drinking blood, and took pleasure in inflicting horrific injuries with machetes, the presser foot or the holidays with circular saws and sanders wireless. One of the bands most feared was that the Jokers. Its leader was a charismatic young man, Vasily Gorymaïev, a Russian émigré beautiful as an angel but the soul as black as hell. Turning circuses in Eastern Europe or almost all belonged to the Russian mafia, and served as a screen for drug trafficking and weapons. We know little about the childhood of Vassili Gorymaïev, said the Joker, except that he grew up in one of those circles. Probably an orphan raised. His artistic talents were nothing compared to his ambition, so he climbed the ranks of the Mafia at a surprising rate, and burnt his wings. At what protection he had to keep life? The rumor was the hidden son of one of the sponsors. He was sent to Bucharest to regain control of the gang drug trafficking. So he left followed by his most trusted lieutenants, other children of the ball. Cunning, the Joker was able to forge alliances of convenience and cause conflicts among rival gangs. He absorbed bands defeated, who adopted his style. They were called the Jokers.Vasily soon rule a small kingdom. It was a den of thieves in an abandoned factory on the outskirts. It was an incredible place, where the sordid skirted the Baroque. A cross between a circus tent, a rococo palace and a landfill. The Joker loved torturing some of his enemies by making them run numbers perilous, as freedom from chains in a tank filled with water gradually, or walking on a wire about twenty meters above the ground while trying hilarious jokers adjust the victim with a potato gun. The Joker believed in nothing, the world had never been to him only coldness and cruelty, the opportunity to exercise his dominion. Nihilistic to the end, the great cosmic rubbish he contrasted the laughter and barbarism.


A whiphad grouped the prisoners in a large enclosure at the center of the camp.The place smelled horriblea shallow pit latrineand half of the prisoners suffering from dysenteryThe lighting came from a handful of braziersplaced around the tents Matriarchs.
The drizzle fell on the embers cracklingforming small clouds unrealSurroundingthe ruins of the ancient metropolis bite in the night skyOne of the most recentcaptives held his head in his hands. Without waiting for an answerhe muttered:"What will become of meWhat will become of me".
An oldscarred backfinally put a hand on her shoulder and told him about a confidential toneas if speaking to an old friend, "a slave. As we all"

A neighbor added: "You trimeras all day on their farms, until you burst some ...
And you subiras whip these bitchesAngrily dropped a thirdbefore tapering off, fearing that the custodians do not notice"

  The old man continued, "The Four Matriarchs revereIn their societythere isroom for men as warriorssubject to the witches of Matriarchyor as slaves.Witches are cruelbut be careful to berserkersthey ... "Suddenly, the gate of the enclosure was opened with a squeal of an impressive group of warriorstattooed,fur capes thrown over their shouldersPrisoners retreated on the outskirtsfearful.One of themtoo illremained in the middleFor challengehe found the strength tolift his headA witchdressed entirely in leather, left the group and the end of hiswhiphe lifted his chin.
One word out of his thin lips"him".

The old man whispered, "tonight we baptize one of themIn blood

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